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Xue Jian Xin

Xue Jian Xin

America is a country of many people and many different points of view. It is a country without a fixed identity, or one constant element that defines both its people and culture. There are, however, certain aspects of our society which we can all relate to, those understood, but taken for granted. These elements characterize our nation virtually without our knowledge.

The paintings of Xue Jian Xin rediscover these elements in the form of paint on canvas. We are reminded of better, simpler times, before our minds were tainted by modern notions. His work gives us hope that the idea of what made America so unique and yet so diverse still exists. He brings form to the innocence and inner peace which is so hard to find in the modern world.

In l988, Xue came to the United States as a visiting student at Bard College N.Y. where he received his M.F.A. in 1991. Inspired by the idea of studying natural light in American settings, he began painting the surrounding landscapes and cityscapes. This idea grew out of a great admiration for the works of Monet, Renoir and Sisley who also display a great feel for the play of light. In his works, Xue demonstrates his passion for representing the changes in natural light throughout the day. Here the viewer can see the variety and complexity of the artist's vision. In his paintings he shows a startling freedom in his handling of the paint. He has no fear of the fluttering of the brushstroke against grounds of nearly opposing lightness and hue. All parts of the paintings are harmonized despite polarities in brightness or color. This harmonization combines with his almost photographic realism to bring focus to every one of his paintings. Xue is a man of incredible skill and equal subtlety, creating works which evoke feelings of nostalgia and wonder in his collectors.

Showing his work in Gallery Revel since 1996, Xue Jian Xin also finds creative inspiration through his interaction with the directors of the gallery. He uses their many varied ideas and adapts them to his own personal vision. Gallery Revel is proud to be offering his work to our collectors here in New York and through our sister galleries across the world.

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