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William Arden

William Arden

Gallery Revel proudly offers original art paintings by artist William Arden, nom de plume for Tony Magner. Arden, the artist, was born in New York in 1961. The works he created as a child led directly to the development of his true aesthetic gift. At 17, he decided to utilize his considerable ability, to create for himself a career in the graphic arts, working mainly for the recording industry.
Arden, A collector of memorablia, he uses an assortment of objects as props in his artwork. He endeavored to uncover the subject's inviting, inner-light by focusing on the elements of composition, highlight and shadow.

Most notably, William Arden began an ambitious project of ten panel paintings which explored the intricate surfaces and detail of military armor. Ardens paintings were extremely successful, these pieces became part of an artist show at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh.

In 1996, Magner started work, once again, on more graphic projects and, at that time, chose the pen name, William Arden. His seemingly random collection of lines, shapes, and planes are carefully and painstakingly placed in order to create a balanced canvas. Every individual object within the frame is connected to every other object so that the painting flows and remains understandable despite its abstract nature. All of Arden's planning and deliberate execution leave the viewer with a playful, delightful painting to enjoy.

Most recently his works have begun to incorporate collage and mixed-media. He builds on the examples handed down by the masters of modern art and collage, combining different styles of painting in order to create something new and exciting. One is reminded of the works of Matisse and Picasso, but viewers are also drawn in by Arden's personal style and the emotion he adds to his works.

Arden's appeal is vast, due mainly to his new reflection on a classical and well known composition. Familiarity with his style and subject matter immediately attract a wide array of audiences, but it is Arden's innovative decision-making and deviations from the norm that keep viewers captivated by his paintings.

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